Plus 2 Scholarship

The Greater Himalayas Plus Two Scholarship Program supports students from remote Himalayan communities in Nepal who are interested in pursuing the 11th and 12th grade in any field of studies. A minimum of one scholarship student is selected each year. Priorities are given to students with financial needs and from rural mountainous regions.

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2012-2014 Plus 2 Scholarship – Tshering, Nawang, and Tashi.

Three of the foundation’s Plus 2 scholarship students graduated in May 2014: Tshering Wongmu, Nawang Puljur, and Tashi Futi.

Tshering Wongmu who is originally from Khumbu studied Studied Management at the Rai School in Narayantar.

Ngawang Puljur from the remote village of Phortse studied Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism at the Saint Lawrence College in Pipal Bot Chabhil.

Tashi Futi also from Phortse studied Education at Puspalal Memorial College in Chahabil.

2011-2013 Plus 2 Scholarship -Dawa Pasang and Dawa Futi

Dawa Pasang is from Khumjung and studied Education at Pushpalal Memorial College in Ratopool, Kathmandu.
Dawa Futi is also from Khumjung and studied Management at Little Angels College in Lalitpur.

2009-2011 Plus 2 Scholarship – Four Girls

In 2009 with your support the Greater Himalayas Foundation offered not one, but four Plus 2 scholarships to  under privileged students from the Himalayan region. The top four students at Khumjung School this year were all girls, and are all being supported by the GHF Plus 2 Scholarship Program. The four recipients for this year  are Pasang Futi, Nawang Chhemjee,, Tashi Futi, and Passang Lhamu.

2008-2010 Plus 2 Scholarship – Nima Gyalzen

The first student to benefit from this scholarships program is Nima Gyalzen from Khumjung village, Nepal. His father has a seasonal job as a trekking guide, and his mother is a house wife.  Nima scored very high on his SLC examination from Khumjung High School in 2008.  He is one of the top ten students in his batch.