Community Leadership Awards

Leadership at the village and community level is integral in all societies, and is vital to rural community development.  The purpose of the Greater Himalayas Community Leadership Award is to honor an outstanding individual as well as to encourage members of the community to participate and take leadership roles in their communities.  The Award will be given to an individual who has provided community service and demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective village.  Each year the award will be given to a different rural mountainous district in Nepal.

2014 Community Leadership Award – Mr. Dorji Tsering

The Greater Himalayas Foundation 2014 Community Leadership Award is awarded to Mr. Dorji Tsering Sherpa. Dorji volunteers his time between two nonprofit organizations in Nepal – Curry Without Worry and the SKY Memorial Foundation. Read more here

2012 Community Leadership Award – Trail Blazer

The Greater Himalayas Foundation is proud to honor Mr. Pasang Tharkey Sherpa with the 2012 Community Leadership Award. Mr. Pasang Sherpa is an elderly man from the lower Solu-Khumbu region, who has been working tirelessly on building roads in the Himalayas for over 53 years. Pasang has been fixing trails in the Sagarmatha National Park’s buffer-zone area before it was an established buffer-zone. Despite buffer-zone budget cuts, he has been raising funds from hikers and continues to support the trails. The foundation awards Mr. Pasang for taking up this purpose with true altruism. Read more here

Community Leadership Award 2009 – Namche Youth Group

In 2009, the leadership award was not awarded to an individual but to the Namche Youth Group for all of their community work in Namche. Tenzing was in Namche at the time and personally handed the award to the youth group. Read more here

Community Leadership Awards 2008 – Mahendra Kathet & Tenzing Tashi

In 2008 two community leadership awards were presented.

Mahendra Kathet, Head Master of the Khumjung Secondary School was given the Community Leadership Award in recognition of his long running excellent service and dedication to the Khumjung School.

Mr. Tenzing Tashi is the second recipient of the GHF Community Leadership Award 2008. Tenzing is the youth community leader of Khumjung village. He is actively involved in the village, promoting good governance, upholding community values, and guarding communities within Everest park, a world heritage site. Read more here