2012 Community Leadership Award – Trail Blazer

May 26th, 2013 – The Greater Himalayas Foundation is proud to honor Mr. Pasang Tharkey Sherpa with the 2012 Community Leadership Award. The award was announced by the foundation last year and presented this June by Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa and the Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Nepal.


Mr. Pasang Sherpa is an elderly man from the lower Solu-Khumbu region, who has been working tirelessly on building roads in the Himalayas for over 53 years. Pasang has been fixing trails in the Sagarmatha National Park’s buffer-zone area before it was an established buffer-zone. Despite buffer-zone budget cuts, he has been raising funds from hikers and continues to support the trails. The foundation awards Mr. Pasang for taking up this purpose with true altruism.



Here is the opening remarks given by Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa during the presentation of the community leadership award.


“A long time ago there was a little boy who came to this school every day. Often, he did not have shoes on his feet and he did not have school dress that these children have today. He studied here and then received a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship to go high school in Kathmandu. After that he received a Colombo Plan Scholarship to New Zealand to be trained as a park manager. He came back and worked for the government of Nepal. Later, he joined an international conservation organization, WWF, as director of their Eastern Himalayan Program. He was “Mingma Norbu Sherpa”.

Mingma was a close colleague of mine. We attended the same schools, same college and worked for the same Government Department. I knew him well. He liked helping communities. It was a high priority in his mind. Unfortunately, he passed away in a helicopter accident in Kanchanjunga area in 2006.

His family, his wife Phurba Sherpa, daughter Dawa Sherpa and son Tenzing Sherpa, formed the Greater Himalaya Foundation in his memory and started a Community Leadership Award for people of this region. The Greater Himalayas Foundation has selected Mr. Pasang Tharkey Sherpa, a voluntary trail builder, as recipient of this year’s award. I would like to request that the Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation to hand over the prize.

Mr. Pasang Tharkey received Rs.50,000 cash prize along with the award certificate.

Update – After Pasang was recognized by The GHF, he gained notoriety and was even featured by Google